The Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Palm Beach County

Let’s face it: There are tons of burgers in South Florida (plus or minus a few, if you want to be nitpicky about it). And, because it’s our job, we’ve eaten a lot of them.

Some are exotic meats that can be ordered with mix-and-match gourmet toppings. Others are basic burgers executed to perfection and made with quality ingredients. And then there are those that are best paired with the perfect glass of wine or liquor-spiked milkshakes.

Yes, when it comes to burgers, turns out there are quite a few options in Palm Beach County. To help you find the best, here’s a list of the top burger restaurants from Palm Beach Gardens to Boca Raton.

The Ten Best Burger Restaurants in Palm Beach County

2 . Relish & More
401 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach. Call 561-629-5377, or visit
Six years ago, Relish came onto the scene in West Palm Beach’s Northwood Village. It was new, different, and exciting. And it was all about burgers. But not just any burgers — burgers made from exotic meats you could pair with an array of mix-and-match gourmet toppings, a concept compliments of owners Desiree and Dan Tobin. Today, that still holds true — now at two Palm Beach County locations, including a 3-month-old Boca Raton restaurant. The craft-it-yourself burgers encompass dozens of specialty add-ons that allow you to customize your own creation atop everything from wild boar and duck burgers to bison and buffalo. And just to keep things interesting, a new feature flavor makes a debut each month (think specials of the month that blend buffalo, venison, elk, boar, and antelope — or even camel and antelope). Be sure to visit on a Tuesday, when all burgers are priced at $10 each, including a side.

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