PB Post: 15 best burgers in Palm Beach County

Liz Balmaseda, Palm Beach Post Food Editor


From bun to bun, these 15 burgers rise above the rest.

Posted: 4:53 p.m. Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Burgers are badass creations – and they know it. They love the swoon of hot cheese. They love crowns, any kind of crown – crisp lettuce, bacon, fried egg, you name it. And while they are swell enough on their own (after all, a well-dressed burger is a meal in itself), they’re rarely without their adoring arm candy, as in fries and slaw.

There are many great burgers in Palm Beach County, but we do have our favorites. Here are my 15 favorite burgers in the county.


401 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach; 561-629-5377

Burger possibilities are endless at this Northwood spot, where a dozen types of patties are offered, from wild boar to grouper to wild mushroom. We love the buffalo burger topped sweet-smoky bacon jam. If you can stand the heat, try the scotch bonnet and mango salsa topping. And make sure to leave room for a shake (hello, salted caramel!) or hot, fresh mini-doughnuts.

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  1. marilyn sietz says:

    Would love to try your restaurant… perhaps tonight.

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